Thermographic inspections

Thermography and companies.

Any Organization, no matter how small, must have as horizon fundamental productivity, whether they embrace the use of tools administrative procedures that arise in Preventive Maintenance, in Total Productive Maintenance or total productivity. It is the ability to eliminate the need for maintenance in our facilities and improve the profitability of our processes.

Infrared thermography plays an increasingly important role in Maintenance activities. This technique of producing images from of the invisible thermal radiation emitted by objects, is a means that allows to identify, without any contact, electrical and mechanical components hotter than normal operation indicating areas of impending failure or areas with excessive heat loss, which are usually symptoms of faults.


Detection of problems in the components of electrical installations high or low voltage, and system failures , such as overvoltages, poorly performed connections or internal damage, excessive overheating in some fuses or connections.

Detection of faults in mechanical installations , within these we find sanitary hot water, air conditioning and fire protection, allowing us to study the state in which its components are, and to detect any water leakage, pipe obstruction, deterioration or loss of insulation they present, inadequate insulation thickness or incorrect placement thereof.

Observation of the status of engines and pumping equipment so that a thermal image will help us detect overheated engines, pumps overloaded, hot bearings or lubrication problems, detect These problems can help prevent further damage from occurring serious and more expensive repair.

Applies also for equipment such as turbines, compressors, boilers, among others.