The MP is a CMMS, from its acronym in English Computerized Maintenance Management System. The objective of the MP is to help you manage maintenance management in an efficient way, keeping all the information of your maintenance department documented and organized.


Reduction of unforeseen stoppages Increase of the useful life of the equipment
Prevention of expensive repairs
Accident prevention
Help ensure continuity and quality in production processes
Reduction of inventory levels of spare parts
Improves the performance of maintenance personnel
Organization and documentation of maintenance department information

A CMMS thought of ALL maintenance needs.

Form your equipment catalog and document in the MP all the information of your equipment, such as images, location, plans, attachments, specifications, notes, guarantees, supplier data, etc.

The MP offers great versatility by allowing the user to set their own custom fields for capturing the equipment catalog.

Day by day the MP analyzes the dates of scheduled jobs and reports on the work that must be done in the period. Select jobs and generate work orders automatically from the MP. For each work order that the user generates, the MP assigns a consecutive folio number for its control. In the same work order, several jobs can be optionally included, both routine maintenance and non-routine maintenance. It is also possible to optionally include one or more computers or locations in the same work order.

Document in the MP your routine maintenance plans for equipment and locations, indicating the routine activities that must be performed, as well as the frequency with which each activity must be performed. The MP allows to establish maintenance plans based on time or readings such as kilometers traveled, hours of use, etc. It is even possible to establish plans combined with dates and readings, whichever comes first.

In the maintenance calendars, the MP marks the dates when the different maintenance works must be carried out, and the MP is responsible for keeping said calendars updated and up to date. Given the amount of activities that should normally be controlled and the fact that the calendars constantly need to be updated, only with a computerized system such as the MP is it possible to keep all this information organized.

The Professional MP and the Business MP include a very complete inventory program called Spare Parts Inventory that allows to efficiently control stock of materials and spare parts, movements of inputs and outputs, kardex, valuation of inventory by different methods, calculate the supply, suppliers , purchases, etc. Another feature is the option to manage multi stores and equivalent brands for the same product, as well as barcodes. Although the inventory is a program independent from the MP, from the MP the user can link to the database of the Inventory to check stocks, automatically generate the outgoing material vouchers and determine the spare parts and consumables necessary to carry out the different activities.

Once the work is done, the user must report in the MP about the work done. When the user reports in the MP about some routine maintenance work performed, the MP automatically generates the next date for when said work must be carried out again. As the jobs are marked as done, a graphical control shows the progress of each OT.

The MP contemplates a catalog of equipment and service providers. The teams that register in the MP, can relate to their respective provider. The user will be able to consult the provider’s information online, such as contacts, telephones, etc. You can also create a catalog of the services that each provider offers and document in the MP the consumption of services.

Knowing the resources required to perform each activity and the scheduled dates to perform them, the MP calculates the amounts of each resource to be used in the following days or months, as well as the programmed costs.

The Spare Parts Inventory consults the PM to calculate the timely and just-in-time supply of the spare parts and consumables that must be purchased to comply with the maintenance programs. The calculation is carried out taking into account the stocks and resources programmed.

The MP has tools that will help you to distribute work orders among maintenance personnel according to the specialty and estimated duration of each order.

The MP calculates three maintenance rates (Mean Time Between Failures, Mean Time for Repair and Availability)

Detect the types of equipment that have the most failures, the most frequent failures, and their root causes.

The graph in which the number of programmed activities and the number of activities carried out are compared monthly.

Structure in the MP the tree of locations that will allow you to document the location of each and every one of your teams. Thanks to the tree structure of the location catalog, you can set filters to locate the equipment at any level of the tree.

Report maintenance requests via the Internet. The maintenance requests that are reported via the Internet, go directly to the maintenance personnel. Each time someone reports a maintenance request via the Internet, a window opens on the maintenance managers’ screen telling them about the jobs the staff reports or requests. On the other hand, the people who make a request can consult on the Internet the status of their request, that is, if their application has already been read, the date scheduled to carry out the work, if the work has already been done, etc.

There are maintenance jobs that involve taking a measurement, such as measuring temperature, vibration, wear, etc. Document in the MP the value of the measurements you make to your equipment. The graphical MP said measurements and keeps you informed on all those equipment with measurements outside or close to limits.

In the MP, the user captures the Manpower Catalog in which the names, specialties, hourly costs and extraordinary costs of the personnel involved in the maintenance work are recorded. The information in this catalog will allow the designation of responsible for the work orders, as well as the record of the time consumed by labor in each work order.

The Professional MP and the Business MP include a program called Tool Control. This program allows to control safeguards and returns of all the tools delivered to the workers. The program allows, among other things, to consult online who has or where each of the tools is located. Before proceeding to carry out maintenance work, from the MP the user can consult the availability or stock in the warehouse of the tools that will be used to carry out the tasks entrusted.

Generate warehouse vouchers automatically in the MP and download them at the moment of generating your exit movement from the spare parts inventory.

The association of the resources to the activities consists of establishing for each of the activities of routine maintenance, the material resources (spare parts and consumables), labor, external services and necessary tools to carry them out.

The MP allows documenting the consumption of spare parts, labor and external services used during the execution of maintenance work. This will allow us to make inquiries about the resources used in each team and analyze maintenance costs.

The MP keeps organized, updated and available for consultation all the historical information referring to work done and resources used.

The MP allows to document the guarantees of each equipment, whether it is the warranty of the equipment, a spare part or even the guarantee for a service. By accessing this module you can consult all the valid guarantees of a team.

Graphically shows the history of maintenance performed on a team in a period of time, showing protected periods and unprotected periods. This graph is an indicator to assess the vulnerability of the equipment and it is possible to visualize how closely the scheduled maintenance has been carried out. It also allows to relate failures with the maintenance plans helping to make the necessary adjustments in the maintenance plans to avoid that certain failure reappears.

For the security of your maintenance system, the MP allows you to register users who will have access to the program. Registered users will have access to the MP through an access code and may have full or limited permission to access the different modules and execute certain functions.

The graph in which the number of programmed activities and the number of activities carried out are compared monthly.

A library is a file that contains a series of prefabricated maintenance plans of various typical equipment. The MP includes libraries with a wide variety of prefabricated maintenance plans that will undoubtedly facilitate MP implementation.

MPsoftware offers the widest range of connectivity options

From a single-user installation to the most complex business network. 


Optionally we offer the MP hosting service in the cloud, which allows you to access your information from anywhere, with any device with Internet access and without the need for your own IT infrastructure.

Send maintenance requests to the MP from your cellphone

MPmobile is the app that allows you to send maintenance requests instantly to the MP program administrator from your mobile device.

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